Kingaru mattress

Because an energetic day

starts with a good night rest

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Kingaru is not just a new mattress. We introduce a whole new technology and a new way of sleeping, based on the experiences of top athletes, career pioneers, family people and bon vivants worldwide. The Kingaru mattress has no springs. It is made with a high-quality latex feel layer, premium memory foam and cold foam that are perfectly balanced. The ultimate combination for the optimal night’s sleep, so that you can get the most out of your day during the day.


We always go for the best quality and use only the highest quality materials, because everyone deserves luxury and a good night’s sleep. That is why we keep our products affordable.

Fits Everyone

Six standard mattress sizes which cover all ranges of available beds and every sleep position.

Five Layers


Thickness of 25 cm and composed out of 5 distinct premium quality layers to give you the best comfort.


Luxurious Knitting



The thin, soft  tight woven cover of the best Belgian textile allows you to experience the best feeling ever. 


Try sleeping on a Kingaru for 100 nights

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TWIN (38x75 in)

21,990 ₱

A single mattress is the smallest mattress on the market. It is 90 cm wide and 200 cm long. It is compact and ideal for children and single adults. A single mattress is also great for individuals with a smaller living space like a room or studio

TWIN XL (39x80 in)

23,890 ₱

The single XL mattress is a little bit wider than the single mattress. It is good for taller teenagers, students and individual adults with limited living and sleeping space. This mattress is 10 centimeter wider than a single mattress, making it 100 cm wide and 200 cm long

FULL OR DOUBLE (54x75 in)

32,590 ₱

A good starter mattress for young adults living on their own for the fi rst time is the double mattress. It is 140 cm wide and 200 cm long. The double mattress is not recommended for couples who like to share their mattress with their children. The double is also perfect for a guest room in your house

QUEEN (60x80 in)

35,290 ₱

The most popular mattress size is the queen mattress. It fits best in a master bedroom that’s at least 2 meter x 2 meter. The queen mattress is 160 cm wide and 200 cm long and offers plenty of space for couples or individuals who like extra space to move around the bed

KING (76x80 in)

40,990 ₱

The king mattress is 180 cm wide and 200 cm long. Itis large enough to accommodate couples who share their bed with their children. The king mattress is perfect for couples who like more space in the bed. When you own a king mattress, it requires a spacious master bedroom of at least 3 x 2 meter

SUPER KING (72x84 in)

44,900 ₱

The biggest mattress on the market, the super king mattress is a whopping 200 cm wide and 200 cm long. Its generous size makes it ideal for taller individuals and couples who appreciate space. Of course, all people might love the super king depending on how big the bedroom is. You need to have enough space to sleep on this spacious mattress





We are one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies that sells mattresses and sleep solutions directly to consumers. With our self-developed technology we deliver a unique sleep quality and a distinctive, modern design product. For this we have already been rewarded and praised several times by leading leaders in our industry. An achievement that we are proud of! #rechargeforlife