How long have you had your mattress? If you can’t remember it might be time to buy a new one…  One in four people in Indonesia think they’re not getting enough sleep, according to a survey from Dreams. If you’re one of them, could your mattress be to blame?

A good quality mattress should last you up to ten years but any longer and it might not support you properly in your sleep. To ensure you get a good night’s kip, you should think about replacing a good quality mattress every 10 years, and if you notice uncomfortable nights it could be related to your mattress.You may think that a mattress topper is the answer but really, their purpose is simply to make a good mattress feel even more comfortable. Sadly, a mattress topper won’t solve restless nights if the real problem is an old, lumpy mattress that needs replacing.As soon as you buy new bedding it’s a good idea to buy protection for a mattress, pillows and duvet so they will last longer and stay spotless. If you are buying a mattress make sure you test them out in store and know what kind of mattress topper would work for you.

But in the meantime, here are four tips to maintain your mattress:

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1. Airing
Leave a new mattress to air for about four hours once you’ve removed the packaging. It should then be aired on a weekly basis

2. Turning
If you have a sprung mattress, turn it regularly to prolong its life, although you can buy one-sided ‘no-turn’ mattresses if turning a heavy mattress is a problem – and some are very heavy.  Memory foam mattresses do not need to be turned, and some only have one sleeping surface, but they can be rotated lengthwise, about once a month.

3. Cleaning
Vacuum your mattress every month (if the care label allows), using low suction and an upholstery nozzle, and paying particular attention to areas such as underneath buttons and along piping – you’ll be horrified by the amount of dust and other gunk that can accumulate there!

Use a washable, protective cover to guard against stains. Never soak a mattress – when dealing with stains. Tip the mattress on its side and sponge with cold water – don’t over-wet it. Blot thoroughly and spot-treat with carpet or upholstery shampoo. Rinse and blot dry. For urine or other stinky stains, add a few drops of disinfectant to the rinsing water. Persistent odours can sometimes be eliminated by sprinkling bicarbonate of soda over the affected area, leaving it for a few hours, then vacuuming it off.

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4. Transporting
Don’t roll up or squash a mattress to transport it – this can cause permanent damage

Other bedding could also affect your sleep so make sure your  duvet and pillows are up to scratch. To keep your duvet, pillows and blankets soft and clean follow these tips.

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